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Growing up, you probably came across the phrase, “Education is the key to empowerment.” From our very unconscious age, right into high school, and eventually college, we are all compelled to pursue education, hoping for a promising prosperous future. We want to achieve good academic credentials, the subject major notwithstanding. Several things need to happen, including attending classes, group discussions, and writing essays.

Talking of essays, they are an imperative element in the curriculum, and they greatly help in students’ development. Unfortunately, writing coherent essays entails adhering to multiple English grammar rules, as well as avoiding numerous spelling and punctuation mistakes. This coupled with the busy student schedule, leaves students with minimal time to develop good essay writing skills. It shouldn’t surprise that “check my essay for mistakes” and “what is the best free essay checker online” are two of the most searched phrases on different search engines. And that’s where our essay checker free tool comes in.

This free essay checker and corrector helps students check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and paraphrasing, score essays, count words, improve word choice, and catch accidental plagiarism. For novice teachers, our grammar checker online free for an essay can help proofread and grade students’ essays. 

Common Errors When Writing Essays

Before mastering the art of essay writing, students tend to make multiple mistakes. Some of them include:

Grammar Mistakes

As a student, it is important to ensure that your essay is grammar free. Below are some of the most common grammar mistakes in students’ essays. Try to master them to avoid repeating them in your work. 


You should carefully consider the rules touching on countable and uncountable nouns as a student. You should ensure that you know how to use singular nouns, plural nouns, and determiners.


Another thing you need to consider is when using words like some, neither, or both,  as they tend to introduce compound subjects and take the plural predicate.


When it comes to English grammar, pronouns will always agree with the noun they refer to. Still, some indefinite pronouns have either a singular or plural form, although some entail both.


When writing essays, it’s also important to remember the primary grammar rules when using auxiliary and stative verbs and the correct use of modal and infinitive verbs.

Stylistic Mistakes

Even the most exciting essay can leave a poor impression if it misses the correct stylistic elements. Common stylistic essay mistakes that students make include:


Generally, coordinating conjunctions are used to join clauses and words in the same sentence, although they can also be used to start a sentence. However, overly usage of coordinating junctions to begin sentences can make your essay monotonous. You can use conjunctive adverbs like moreover, however, or nevertheless to avoid this.


Using passive voice in an essay sounds more objective and impersonal but hard to read. Active voice, on the other hand, makes sentences clear and direct. For this reason, it is crucial to write incorporate both passive and active voices in your essays to strike a good balance. Ideally, you should aim for 80 percent active and 20 percent passive voice.


When writing essays, always try to use both long and short sentences to improve the readability of your work. Long sentences make an essay hard to read, while overly short sentences interfere with the logical flow of your work.


Right off the bat, an essay that utilizes similar, repetitive lexical sets tends to be dull. It is important to use word substitutes and synonyms to avoid recycling the same verbs and nouns.

Structural Mistakes

Depending on the type of essay you are writing, there are different structural rules to follow. These rules make it easier to organize your line of thought without inhibiting your creativity. Common structural mistakes in an essay include:


These errors occur when words or phrases are punctuated as complete sentences. This leaves the sentence incomplete as they don’t express a complete thought. Although many similarity essay checker/s out there can help catch this mistake, our tool is one of the most comprehensive there is on the market.


Run-on sentences occur two or more independent clauses are joined together without the appropriate punctuation. Along with being a paper similarity checker, our tool can help identify and correct run-on sentences in your essays.


Academic writing often calls for students to read critical works of other scholars and to borrow ideas from them. However, using ideas from other sources without acknowledging that original author amounts to plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered one of the most significant transgressions in the academic world, and it can lead to poor grades or even expulsion. Luckily, our essay checker for plagiarism online free can help avoid this transgression. 

Why Use Our Essay Checker and Corrector Free Tool

No one is immune to mistakes, and students are not an exception. When it comes to academic writing, however, a simple mistake could lead to poor grades or failing. 

A simple copy and paste of your essay paper in this essay corrector can help in many ways. They include:

Versatile Editing and Proofreading Tool

Writing gives students the freedom to translate what they’ve learned in class into actual words. However, proofreading is a bit more hectic than writing and is usually time-consuming. Luckily for you, our punctuation essay checker can help catch grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. 

Refine Your Vocabulary

Using similar, repetitive lexical sets in your work can make your essays dull. To ensure your word choice is impeccable, our essay checker online free tool offers contextual synonym suggestions, ultimately improving the quality of your assignment.

Tonal Improvement

Another benefit of using our essay fixer is that it crawls through your texts, picking stylistic and structural inconsistencies, ultimately improving their logical flow. Along with that, our paper grammar checker will also help get rid of passive voice in your work, rendering your work more coherent.

Saves Time

Along with serving as an essay flow checker, our tool also doubles as a  paper plagiarism checker, making it one of the best essay corrector/s in terms of saving time. It is one of the tools that offer both a free and paid version, making it ideal for students and teachers alike.

Different Types of Essays

There are different essays, all of which depend on the subject of study, level of education, departmental guidelines, and course requirements. Let’s look at some of the most common types of essays.


As the name suggests, an argumentative essay entails conducting an immense investigation into a topic, collecting evidence, evaluating it, and ultimately establishing a position on the topic.

Generally, an argumentative essay presupposes extensive literature research and may require you to conduct empirical investigation via interviews, observations, and surveys. 


The primary aim of an expository essay is to present an unbiased analysis of a particular topic. As a student, writing this type of essay requires you to outline the topic, generate an argument, and back it using statistics, facts, and examples. Expository essays aren’t based on personal feelings, meaning they can’t be written in the first-person context. The good this is that our essay reviewer can help streamline the tone of your essays by eliminating this type of error.


Narrative essays are exactly what they say. They narrate real-life experiences. Easy as it may sound, however, narrating about personal experiences requires the student to think critically and vividly recreate their experience in writing. 

Unlike expository essays that can’t be written in a first-person context, narrative essays are geared toward the first-person narrative to keep the readers engaged. Our essay rater can help in all that.


Like narrative essays, descriptive essays primarily focus on narrating words, events, or objects from a personal objective. The only difference between the two is that descriptive essays are highly provocative and dig a bit deeper into the subject matter compared to narrative essays.

FAQs About Essay Checker:

Q. Does the essay checker tool suit any kind of essay?

A: Our essay checker is one of the most versatile tools. It can detect grammar, punctuation, spelling, and plagiarism mistakes in your texts. It also works on all types of essays, making it ideal for students at different academic levels. 

Q. Is the essay checker tool 100% free?

A. Our tool offers both a free and paid version. Although limited in functionality, the free version can handle most mistakes that students encounter when writing essays. The premium version, on the other hand, provides additional functions such as clarity-focused sentence rewrites, tone checkers, etc.

Q. Will the essay checker tool notice each of my errors?

A. Yes. Our tool uses AI, ML, and English grammar-based technologies to identify a myriad of grammar, stylistic, and structural mistakes in your work.

Use our essay corrector online today and start improving your writing immediately!